Sketchbook Vs ArtRage – In-Depth Coverage

I am an avid Digital painting fan, and I just love, spending my time twiddling the Wacom Pen, watching the results appear on screen. Unlike in reality, you don’t need to keep track of the number of papers you’ve wasted on your last sketching marathon, or worry about the increasingly vanishing coloring material. It never gets boring painting on the screen; you can keep it coming on and on- whether its just a conceptual sketch of the character design you wanted to do, or a fully fledged texture painted scene, filled to the brim with emotion and a little story. Although there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages when going the Digital way, there is one thing that may actually limit your creativity; Software.

The thing I dislike most about Digital art, is how much a software can actually stop you from doing what you wanted it to do. Ask someone which software you’d like to use to paint, and you’d get the names of the obvious kings, like Corel Painter or Photoshop, tossed around. Even though they are the big names when it comes to media creation, they are almost actually unfriendly. In a sense, you have to go through a lot of learning to actually initiate anything worthwhile. Honestly, I never really liked using either to paint; they never plugged any sort of inspiration to actually finish a painting, mainly due to their interface, complexity and the learning curve. Even free stuff like Gimp Paint Studio nor MyPaint comes close to giving you complete creative freedom (MyPaint is pretty good and looks very promising, but still has a long way to go) and flexibility that you’d like to have. Hence, I searched around for some stuff that’s much more easier, yet something that has the potential to give satisfying results. And I found two great contenders;

Avatar : Simply the best CG+Live Action movie of ALL times!

I went to watch James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D yesterday. Yeah, I know I’m a month late, and being the animation freak I am, I just don’t know why I didn’t watch it earlier. I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d accept this combination of 3D and CG characters. And boy, I regret not going for it on the release date.

Avatar, is easily one of the best CG+Live action movie I’ve ever seen. The visuals, simulations and special effects, are simply stunning. The characters (especially Avatar Jake and Neytiri) are unbelievably incredible, and they move with such a way, like really true, living and breathing creatures. The colourful, and brilliantly portrayed world of Na’Vi is rendered so beautifully, it literally looks like heaven. The lighting and particularly, the night scenes, showcasing Na’Vi at night are so amazingly wonderful and breathtaking, you’ll wish the movie never ends.

Cleaning up a Digital Painting mess Quickly[Sketchbook + Photoshop Tutorial]

It’s normal for a digital painting’s mess to spill out of bounds; so just like you’ll spend time crafting your painting, you’ll spend quite an amount cleaning up and fine tuning too. For us digital artists, its pretty much a routine, and we have to deal with it. Its pretty cool watching your paintings shape up as you clear the spill-outs; but as always, there are times when you will need to get your work done FAST, and cleaning up will not be practical. But worry not, there is a workaround for it and here’s a little tutorial that’ll help you jump up a few shortcuts and get rid of those work-times, starting from the initial sketching steps to the final painted image.



He’d seen it in the distance. The moving cloud-platform that he needed to take to end the level was slowly drifting away. He didn’t wait; He sped across the room which was sprawling with goomba-like creatures,  evading them, and neutralizing them when necessary. And from the end of the platform, he jumped. But he didn’t make it. The moving platform left him, inches away, to fall into the pit where death awaited him. And  unlike any other platform game, I didn’t whine and wait to press the usual ‘Restart’ button; instead, I pressed the Rewind key and zoomed back to a point from which I thought I could make it.

This is just one of the many brilliant aspects of this indepently created wonder. Developed independently by inhouse developer, Number None, this is one game that you’ll never forget. Braid exposes the underlit parts of  your mind like nothing else does. It it impossible to describe in a few words or lines;  it has a powerful plot that’ll intertwine you with emotions that each one of us can relate to, throbs your gray matter frequently but never pokes it; and brings higly innovative gameplay the makes this an immense joy to play.